Ali was given two choices on last night's Bachelor. If she stays on the show, she gets fired from her job, if she leaves, she will never be with Jake (or his pecs). What a disgusting predicament.

I guess they should amend the adage to be "All's fair in love and war... except your career." Because this situation straight-up isn't fair. Obviously Jake can't say that he chooses her, because the show would then be over without the requisite "shocking" rose ceremonies. He also can't tell her to pack her shit and go, because he has strong feelings towards her and is "completely falling in love." The thing that just doesn't sit right is that Jake is also "falling in love" with four other women. His feelings aren't genuine to all of them, but since the show demands sexual and emotional tension, Ali must make the decision between her emotional life and her love life.

The Bachelor is just toying with people's lives at this point. Jake telling Ali that the only way she can win his love is if she gives up her job not only reinforces the glass ceiling, but lowers it as well. For a show that claims to be all about love, it certainly has a funny way of showing it.