Blizzard Operates on New York Hours

The New York snowstorm, which we've been led to believe is some kind of armageddon, got started late and will apparently finish late. How apt. There are ominous signs, beyond an eerily empty Times Square, that the apocalypse is beginning.

  • A tiny fluffy doggy had its coat stolen off its very back outside a supermarket in Park Slope.
  • Beware high-jinks, New Yorkers — two Virginia men, over-excited by their recent blizzard, face five years in prison and a $2500 fine for throwing snowballs at cars
  • It's not a good day to try and get anywhere — flights are canceled and other transportation will be disrupted. Good luck getting a cab.
  • DC are still whining on about their (continuing) storm. Shut up DC, it's our turn to be snowed in.
  • UPDATE: Chicago had an earthquake at 4am. They should quit trying to steal our apocalypse too.

[Pic: NASA Earth Observatory, via Flickr]