France is so weird. It's a magical land where philosophers are famous, and a journalist's philosophical spoof can be popular enough to spawn "a fan club that meets monthly in salons throughout Paris," and many members of the public know what "philosophy" means. By contrast, here in America many members of the public know what "Cheez" means.

Anyhow, incredibly famous French public intellectual and Roman Polanski defender Bernard-Henri Levy made an ass of himself when he "cited the Paraguayan lectures of Jean-Baptiste Botul" as support for his own attack on Immanuel Kant. The error is embarrassingly obvious, is it not? Allez! For Jean-Baptiste Botul is merely a satirical creation of French journalist Frederic Pages, as anyone with a passing knowledge of Wikipedia could have discovered.

But as BHL philosophized, "My source of information is books, not Wikipedia." Indeed, are we not all simply small bits of humanitarian marmalade spread on the totalitarian croissants of petit bourgeois tables? Indeed.