Nothing has ever really happened until it's happened in New York, so today marks the first big snowstorm of the year. Forget that DC bullshit over the weekend. This is the real-deal. Here are some photos documenting the historic event.

Doesn't look like much yet, but it's piling up! via Flickr

So many pedestrian accidents today. via Flickr


"They like it because the snow hides their poopy shame." via Flickr

Looking at that guy, I am glad to be lying in bed right now. via Flickr


GET IT?? via Flickr

Isn't this how The Brave One started? Watch out, Sayid! via Getty

The gayest man in Times Square. via Getty

Where's his rifle? via Getty

A job I am glad to not have. via Getty

Who walks through Central Park in the middle of the day anyway? via Getty

Kids have no school and they get stuck tromping around Times Square in a blizzard? Unfortunate. via Getty

Auditioning for a Dunkin' Donuts commercial. via Getty

The storm gathers. via Getty

Why owning a car sucks. via Flickr

Weird stuff going down last night. via AP

LaGuardia. You are never getting home. via AP