Today at Gawker.TV, the wife of George Stephanopolous sings him a sexy happy birthday, an Always Sunny friend shows up on Lost, Newt Gingrich lies, the un-aired Teen Mom footage, and Brian Kilmeade wants to get freaky with mannequins.

Today on Fox & Friends: Sexually Harassing Mannequins with Tim Gunn
Brian Kilmeade announces plans to talk backstage with three headless mannequins. Get your freak on, Kilmeade. Tim Gunn, always a class act, was the only one who laughed politely.

George Stephanopolous' Wife Surprises Him With Promises of Shaved Legs and Steak
Actress Alexandra Wentworth, wife of George Stephanopolous, decided don a Diane Sawyer wig and leopard-print dress so she could surprise George on the set of GMA. She literally crawled on the desk like a sexed-up panther, and George loved it.

It's Always Sunny's Mac Makes his Triumphant Return to Lost
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney reprised his role as Aldo on last night's episode of Lost. Did you remember him from years ago? Apparently, Kate didn't either.

Did Newt Gingrich Misspeak or Just Lie on The Daily Show?
Speaking of pants on fire, Jon Stewart catches Newt Gingrich in a whopper. Gingrich falsely claims the shoe bomber was an American citizen and that's why he was Mirandized while, he asserts, the underpants bomber should not have been.

Teen Mom Deleted Scenes: The Tragedy Continues
MTV will milk this Teen Mom gravy train for all its worth. And we will watch Every. Damn. Minute. The special mostly showed non-baby related issues like life-threatening illness, divorce, and baby-scares. Nothing ever goes right on this show.