Last night, Jay Leno said goodbye to NBC for the final time the next three weeks, as his failed primetime experiment came to a close. And who better to give him a sendoff than The Donald himself, live via satellite.

As Leno went through some meant-to-be-funny-but-were-not moments from his brief stint at 10:00 PM—you can see some highlights on Gawker—a producer alerted him to the fact that a special guest, live via satellite from New York, was waiting to speak to him. Moments later, Trump appeared on the screen and said that he was set to deliver a message from the NBC brass that Zucker, et al. were too chicken to relay themselves. And then, well, you know.

As Leno closed his show, he said, "Folks, looking forward to March 1st." We'll see if he's the only one soon enough.

[The Jay Leno Show]