An ambassador to Dubai has annulled his marriage: his bride had never revealed herself, wearing the full Islamic face-covering Niqab on the occasions the couple had met. After the wedding he tenderly lifted the veil to kiss her...

...which is when, according to the BBC, he found she was "cross-eyed and had facial hair." The mysterious ambassador — who is revealed only to be from "an Arab country" — told a Sharia court that his bride's mother had tricked him by showing him pictures of her sister.

The court agreed to let him annul, but refused a claim for $130,000 in compensation for gifts he'd bought his special bearded lady.

It's been quite a week for broad humor from Arabic countries. Earlier it emerged that esteemed Pakistani diplomat Akbar Zeb had been refused a position as ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Because his name, in Arabic, apparently means "biggest dick."