Men concerned about anal health realize the importance of prostate exams. Dr. Oz drives this point home by getting one brave soul to drop his drawers and let a doctor jam a finger up his butt on national television. LIVE!

The beginning of the clip is actually quite hilarious as Dr. Oz basically says they didn't bother to check, but they're pretty sure no one has ever had a prostate exam on live television before. Well we did some extensive digging (ha!) by googling "Prostate Exam Live," and what do you know...he's right! So hats off to you, Dr. Oz. But while this is the first live prostate exam on television, this certainly isn't the first time someone has had the insides of their booty examined without a tape delay. That prestigious honor belongs to Katie Couric, who in 2004, had a colonoscopyLIVE!—on The Today Show.

Next up in the wild world of anal exams? Live coffee enemas for the whole audience!