Tiger Woods sexer Rachel Uchitel has taken the well-worn path from tabloid fodder to media job — she's started to interview on Extra (after herself being interviewed on the show). It's probably a more efficient method than interning.

If you want to try this job-hunting method, the steps, broadly, are:

  • Be attractive This is useful firstly in increasing your chances of sleeping with someone famous but married, and secondly because then the New York Post will hire you, Ashley Dupre, as a sex columnist. If you are ugly, people are less inclined to canvass your views on fornicating.
  • Sleep with someone famous but married.
  • Hire someone good to do your PR, and get your story out early. No one is giving girl 12 who slept with Tiger a TV show.
  • Get said PR person to sell your story to an outlet with job vacancies.
  • Segue that relationship into a job

You're welcome.