The folks at Gawker Creative Services — the ones responsible for the little sponsored posts that run on the front page from time to time — is hiring. Read on if you're interested.

Gawker Creative Services is looking for a copywriter's apprentice to help create sponsored posts.

1. This is a writing job. If you cannot spell or conduct internet research, stop reading.
2. This is a blogging job. If you have no experience blogging, stop reading.
3. This is an ADVERTISING JOB. Sorry, no Real Housewives recaps.
4. This is a part-time job, great for grad students, freelancers, and dog-walkers who are working on a novel.
5. This is a paid job. Not much, but paid.
6. If you are not supremely organized, stop reading.
7. Click here for the full job description.
8. Resumes and samples accepted at ONLY. Not at tips, not at writers' and editors' email addresses.
9. Thank you and good luck.
10. <3.