How many discredited former Bush White House officials can one newspaper publish? Fred Hiatt is collecting them like Pokemon. Marc Thiessen, Bush speechwriter and torture enthusiast, will be writing a weekly column for The World's Worst Opinion Section.

Thiessen recently complained that President Obama is killing too many terrorists, called President Obama "already... the most dangerous man ever to occupy the Oval Office" the week Obama was inaugurated, and he has written an entire book about how torture was the greatest thing America ever did, though he refuses to acknowledge that it's torture.

Fred Hiatt, the editorial page director of The Washington Post, is giving Thiessen a weekly column in order to help him sell his book of lies and justifications for illegal and immoral acts of violence.

Today's column is about hockey, and how it was awesome when the US beat the Soviets, and how the Olympics should go back to being all-amateur. The thing is more pointless and inane than a Rick Reilly column. Fred Hiatt decided that this column about How The Olympics Used To Be Better In My Day—written by a man who is, on "national security" issues, intellectually and morally indebted to Pol Pot—was so good that the man who loves torture and amateur hockey should be paid to write more columns, every week.

Today Fred Hiatt also published a column from former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson! And former Bush Attorney General Mike Mukasey! And Bill fucking Kristol!

Bill Kristol! He was fired from the Times—the same Times that still publishes Tom Friedman—for being a predicable hack. And Fred Hiatt snatched that guy right up—wouldn't want someone who is not only constantly wrong but also a lazy thinker and uninteresting writer to go to waste, right?

Next week in the Post opinion section: Is Obama serious enough about entitlement reforms? Miss Beazley weighs in!