Another day, another compelling argument for refusing to allow Mike Bloomberg back into the nation the next time he jets off to Bermuda for the weekend: now Mort Zuckerman wants to run for Senate.

Yes, Mort Zuckerman, the wealthy 72-year-old publisher of The New York Daily News, is mulling a run for Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand, "according to two people told of the discussions."

Best of all, the conservative Democrat would run as a Republican—Bloomberg-style!—in order to avoid a primary battle against Gillibrand and, presumably, Wesley Snipes-esque tax protester Harold Ford.

2010 will be a wonderful year for wealthy, entitled members of the establishment who've been coddled and flattered their entire adult lives to pretend to be independent-minded "outsiders" challenging the system with their crazy traditional Republican policy ideas. Mort Zuckerman for Senate! He'll return America to Fiscal Responsibility with a Ranked List of Colleges!