This week was the usual mix of death, TV, weather, and tax evasion. Plus, the governor didn't resign! Let's relive it together.

Imperialist Nial Ferguson shacked up with infidel filmmaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The New Orleans Saints had the power of Voodoo on their side. Steve Jobs angrily broke an iPad over the head of a Wall Street Journal editor, because said editor Tweeted about Tweeting on an iPad, a useless product that Steve Jobs is attempting to convince people to purchase. Richard tried to help the forgotten actors of our distant past. Brian hated on Valentine's Day haters. (And then we solicited your worst Valentine's stories.) Hamilton examined celebrated advertainment.

We met Yale's pretty, pretty princesses. And America's newest annoying college protesters: old white guys in Tricorner hats! Jay Leno explained the bizarre series of events that led to his participation in an actually funny joke. Then The Jay Leno Show died.

The New York Times most-emailed list was explained, with science. The Prop 8 lawsuit judge is apparently gay, which should not actually matter, but you know how people are. (People are terrible.)

Don't ruin your perfect trend story! Also don't take pictures are your stripper party if you don't want people to see them. It's the '90s, Google, come on.

ChatRoulette kind of broke us. Just like Goldman Sachs broke the country while adding to their townhouses. Meanwhile YouTube is still a window into the rot at the heart of the American Dream.

Sarah Palin will never be president, but she has an outside shot at a nomination. If that makes you sad for America, try thinking about how wonderful Betty White is, instead. Do not think of the severely disturbed Washington Press Corps.

Real Housewives ladies need to keep their husbands busy. Idiotic trend pieces keep us busy debunking them. Luke Russert keeps busy wasting everyone's time. Then it snowed.

We toured John Edwards' new love den. We asked everyone to stop polling people about Sarah Palin. What the world needs more of is Betty White's breasts.

Tina Brown runs a website in the most hilarious fashion possible. A Radio Shack blew up. Marc Jacobs is married and has a penis. Cornell was attacked by hippies. Lindsay Lohan lost a job. Financial reporters live in fear.

Alexander McQueen killed himself. There were tributes.

Someone fell down a hole in Anderson Cooper's house.

Does Harold Ford pay New York taxes? No. He does not. But what the hell does he care, he's going to Bermuda!

As of Monday, David Paterson had not yet resigned, and we still didn't know what was in the supposed New York Times article that still hadn't run. We were so innocent, then! After that, Paterson went on Larry King.

On TV, this week: Big Love, RuPaul's Drag Race, Kell on Earth, The Real World, Project Runway (with finale show spoilers!), Real Housewives of Orange County, and American Idol. (Group night!)

We are kind of excited for the Winter Olympics!