The Slam Dunk Contest is routinely the highlight of NBA All Star Weekend. This year was an exception: the usual lack of stars and a strangely unenthusiastic crowd made for a boring event. However, there were some kernels of fun.

Spud Webb won the Dunk Contest in 1986 and that makes him qualified to judge this one. His reactions ran the gamut from impressed to not amused.

Charles Barkley has long been one of the best things about watching the NBA. His candid delivery and the awkward laughter he solicits are things to be admired. Highlight here: Kenny Smith's extremely earnest guess of "The Fifth Element" when Barkley is trying to name a Chris Tucker movie.


Speaking of the Money Talks star, he was at the event with his son and was genuinely displeased at the proceedings.

Jamie Foxx: Not a Gerald Wallace fan or reacting to Soloist jokes from the crowd.


Spike Lee showing concern when it appeared that the one thing keeping the Knicks relevant might fail.

You know what, Kobe? If you and Lebron would just do one of these, I wouldn't be sitting on 20 reaction shots of people looking bored.

Dwayne Wade doing his 'Anthony Hopkins at the end of Legends of the Fall' impression. I give it an eight.

Hometown hero Emmitt Smith enjoys...something on the massive jumbotron.

Gerald Wallace disappointed a lot of people on Saturday, but only Spike Lee seemed to take it personally.

When Dwight Howard isn't having fun, you've reached critical mass. Back to the videos.

This is more like it: dunks you won't see in a high school warmup line, Paul Simon sitting next to Mary J. , Dwyane Wade acting like a dapper gentleman, and Nate Robinson doing what Nate Robinson gets the big bucks to do.

The highlight of the night, as usual: mascots doing something weird.

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