The Wall Street Journal diaspora was divided by an ocean; coastal wine writers were divided by an assumption-filled land mass; and Harvey Weinstein and his interviewer re-divided the responsibilities. The Twitterati were geographically fractious.

The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Dodes Wortman will role play if it's fair.

The New York Times' Eric Asimov and San Francisco Business Times' Chris Rauber might consider having a reparative cuddle party together, in the cuddle party's native home of New York City, California.'s Alexis Madrigal was doing such a good job of aiming high, until he crapped out there at the end.

Current WSJ runway-watcher Elizabeth Holmes just knew one of her Twitter followers could save her seat.

Former WSJ runway-watcher (turned author) Cheryl Tan just knew one of her Twitter followers could catch her TV appearance tomorrow (today?) in Singapore.

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