Fewer things on television have lower budgets than attorney commercials. The only way to captivate the audience is either through comedy, explosions or awkwardness—sometimes a combination of all three! We have compiled the absolute best (worst) attorney commercials here.

Call Sam
Running a family business is a wonderful thing. It keeps everyone close and loving towards each other. Except when you're making a commercial. Leave the ugly children at home.

Berger and Green
Apparently Berger and Green just got a fancy new green screen. Only serious lawyers having explosions, and accidents you can't possibly live through, flashing behind them while advertising themselves.


Lowell The Hammer Stanley
Bang! You better watch out nails! Lowell the Hammer is coming for you! Wait, what are we talking about?

Michael Gallagher
This is possibly the lowest budget and cruelest attorney commercial here. Want to screw over your spouse the worst? Make sure to do it before a holiday!


Bruce Flint
The irony of this commercial is that the main guy rapping probably caused the accident he's rapping about. And after causing an accident he promptly gives a concert. Oh, and he's a virtual rapper.

California switchblade
If I got a DUI, I know for a fact that I would want to be defended by someone who calls himself the California Switchblade. He claims to "cut up" the competition, but in DUI situations, aren't the police "the competition?

Divorce Deli
Subtley: this guy knows not what it means. Bonus fun: David Matthews making fun of Steve Miller and no musicians being involved.

Robert Reiner
This commercial has very confusing visuals. In it, the insurance company is the pip-squeak, scrappy fighter and the small time personal injury lawyer is the big guy. I am guessing that the actors just refused to switch parts.

Brown and Crouppen
Inspired by an Anti-Insurance movie (Erin Brokovich) and an Aaron Sorkin scene, the guys at Brown & Crouppen are going to work for you and walk all the way to the bank.

William Shatner for Jeff Martin
Combining the production values of Unsolved Mysteries and the star power of villianous insurance executive straight out of Central Casting, Jeff Martin wants you to know that he's a serious lawyer that handles serious business. Unfortunately, as the Priceline people will tell you, that message is undercut when William Shatner is your spokesman.