NYU kids partied with ChatRoulette; sports fans imagined hacking ChatRoulette; and a 30 Rock guest star is ready to work at Fox News. The Twitterati toyed with worlds beyond their understanding.

Elizabeth Banks played a CNBC reporter on 30 Rock, and she's already trying to negotiate with Fox News. As if the only requirements to work there were being a telegenic blonde who can convincingly fake her opinions.... actually, it's probably worth having your agent make an inquiry, now that we think about it.

NYU's Kio Stark discovered an awesome use for ChatRoulette....

...meanwhile, VentureBeat's Kim-Mai Cutler invented another.

This Week in Tech's Leo Laporte is selling nice t-shirts for a nice cause. And for a tidy four-figure sum, his other podcast co-host, John C. Dvorak, will scrawl vicious insults on the backs of all your other t-shirts.

Monica Guzman and her Seattlepi.com coworkers managed to find some captivating Olympic coverage on NBC.

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