Wasn't there a porno about this? As long as children enjoy watching sexy avatars cry "That's sticky!" as they are repeatedly sprayed with semen, this video game will be a success. Screenshots inside.

Available for online play at Middlesex-London Health Unit's website, Adventures in Sex City invites the player to choose one of four avatars: Wonder Vag the blonde virgin, Power Pap the brunette whore, Captain Condom the guy who tosses rubbers at gay pride parades, and Willy the Kid, a tragically short fellow who "joined Sex Squad to prove size doesn't matter." His power is "massive rock hard strength."

I chose Wonder Vag, because she had the biggest boobs. As night falls on Sex City, we discover that Sperminator has an STI and it is his evil mission to infect you. To save yourself, you must answer sexually educational questions.

Wrong answers will be punished with humiliating cumshots. Right answers win a prophylactic shield.

I got bored and didn't play to the end, but Comics Alliance says if you bounce enough of Sperminator's tainted spooge back at him, it will eventually cure him of disease and he'll be nice again. (If there are children in the audience, please know that this is exactly the way it works in real life, too.) [ComicsAlliance] [SexCity]