As this crazypot show winds down, we are getting some semblance of answers. (We know who the Smoke Monster is!) But we're also getting a few (OK, many) new questions. Like, who was that kid that scared Devil Locke so?

Was it the new reincarnation of Jacob? He was blonde and all. Or maybe he was one of those weirdo Other kids, perhaps a psychic/last of the airbenders type like Walt or whatever? If it's Jacob, the "he" that Bizarro Locke can't kill must be someone important. Richard maybe? Obvs if the kid isn't Jacob, surely the tyke was referring to the great White One. The kid almost made the whole thing sound like a game, with breakable but still important rules. A horribly menacing, death-filled game. Also: does the obvious parallel with Original Locke, really not enjoying being told what he can't do and all that, imply that there's some sort of fusion of souls or bodies or whatever going on? Ohhh, and. Who was the other kid that Nasty Locke first saw, the bloody one? Wasn't that a little girl? Clearly we're just asking these questions to humor you, because for us the show is so straightforward. It's just so solvable. It's purgatory, right? They're all dead? Or... um, It's all Jack's dream? Is that it? Shit.