Are you a seasoned LOST fan? Are you afraid they might be going too far with the whole flash-sideways thing? Afraid it just couldn't make sense? Well worry no more, Gawker.TV is here to ease your suffering.

Last night on LOST, for the third Tuesday in a row, the islanders were living vastly different lives. This was done seamlessly in seasons past, but in this season's scenarios, lives are being lived simultaneously. What I intend to answer in this post is that one almost universal question: WTF?!!!

Let's take last night's most extreme example, that of Mr. Benjamin Linus and John "Am I Dead Yet?" Locke.

On the Island one is a constantly mutilated psychopath murderer, the other a lifeless victim of the former...

But off the island, the butcher is a geeky European History teacher, and his victim? A substitute teacher...


Just about every Lostie out there has a theory. If you try to listen to the best of them chances are you're going to lose interest if your brain doesn't immediately explode. So rather than trying to explain the complex physics behind such explanations, let's have Super Mario enlighten us:

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Can you really argue with anything explained with a Super Nintendo?