You know that guy who shows up to a party and dominates the conversation, talking about wild theories on how to truly live, while everyone laughs awkwardly? That's Tracy Morgan—And last night, Tavis Smiley's show was the party.

What's one thing that guests should never, ever, ever do at a party? Try to rap. Rapping just makes it awkward for everyone involved. Should I bob my head? Should I laugh? should I make a 'W' with my hands and go all gangsta? Maybe all three? There really are no rules when reacting to someone who should never rap, but they do so anyway. Well Tracy donned his Richard Pryor t-shirt and busted a rhyme about his kids last night while randomly quoting Biggie Smalls. Tavis Smiley, forgetting to map-out an escape plan, could do nothing other than sit there and, well—smile (he was crying on the inside).

Another thing to steer clear of at parties is telling people how you live your life according to influential people. Because more than likely, you will not say anything specific that will spark a conversation, and your sweeping generalities and constant need for approval will make you sound high and desperate for attention. "I'm just, you know, like, living in the moment man. In the now. Tomorrow is tomorrow, but today is now. You know what I'm saying?" No, we don't. Here's a bong, have fun.

Morgan is a fun character, though. He's a constant source of entertainment, but the man is a few eggs short of a custard. And this isn't the end of his media tour. He's on Ellen today, and Kimmeltonight. We'll be sure to catch all the crazy moments, because we know there will be a plethora of them.