Guess what we have for you this evening? Comments! Oh blessed blog comments. Two, in fact. Two comments that make ya laugh and make ya think and make ya wish the work day was over so the internet could disappear.

MediaHoHoHo knows why Teabaggers love rifles so much:

The .44 — the right's preferred weapon for 180th trimester abortions.


Speaking of guns, a shell-happy dreweverett has solved the Foursquare burglary problem:

I was just reading an article on someone "cheating" by becoming mayor of like everywhere without ever leaving their home. Apparently, Foursquare doesn't enforce a verified geo-location, so you could really have some fun and say you left the house, while sitting in your living room with a shot gun and realizing its legal to shoot intruders - that should make some criminals think twice.

Take that, techno-hipster robbers.