Today at Gawker.TV, Stephen Colbert has his Olympic interview with Bob Costas, Ewan McGregor insults George Stephanopoulos, Abby Elliott and her dad Chris Elliott, a girl redeems herself on a stair-chair, and a Dutch Oympian calls an NBC reporter stupid.

Ewan McGregor will Crush your Dreams
George Stephanopoulos interviewed Ghost Writer's Ewan McGregor on Good Morning America today. After playing a clip from the movie, McGregor joked that political memoirs, on a scale of boring from 1-10, would be a 10. Stephanopoulos—sadly—disagrees.

Stephen Colbert Shows that Nothing is Real with NBC's Olympic Coverage
Bob Costas couldn't keep up with Stephen Colbert last night. On his game as always, Colbert decided to literally crawl inside of NBC's fireplace to warm his chilled bones. Except for the fact that the fireplace, of course, was fake.

Chris Elliott Embarrasses his Daughter, SNL's Abby Elliott, on The Late Show
When Abby Elliott appeared on Dave's couch last night, Chris Elliott—long-time friend, recurring guest, and father to Abby—clearly had to make an appearance. He played the role of "Stage Dad" and watched from backstage with Ewan McGregor.

Dutch Speed Skater Sven Kramer Calls NBC Reporter Stupid
Americans! So stupid, right? Instant Dutch hero Sven Kramer win speed skating gold (the Dutch love speed skating), and is prompted by an American reporter to give his name and sport. His response: "Are you stupid?" Dutch heroes are awesome.

Girl Falls Down the Stairs in Prom Dress, Gets Redemption in a Stair-Chair on Tosh.0
It's every teenage girl's nightmare to fall down in their prom dress. Add stairs, friends watching, and somebody filming it all go down with a video camera—and you've got the reason for this week's Web Redemption.