Our Project Runway live blog is like the Winter Olympics of commenting. Check out this selection of gold medal winners from last week's edition, and then come slalom with the big guys at tonight's festivities!

Actually, every commenter is a gold medal winner at the Live Blog Olympics, because they're special. Just how special? Join us tonight and find out! The post goes up at 9 pm Eastern, and the show starts on Lifetime at 10.

Here are the champions from last week's competition:

  • Lizawithazee: "When you're in the bottom, there's no place you can go but up." — Suzanne Sugarbaker. How true that is.
  • ghiagirl: Uh oh. Harsh Bangs the Elder is needy.
  • Lizawithazee: Focus on the back of the dress. That is an excellent strategy for a magazine cover.

GonzoMaz: @Lizawithazee: Well if that magazine is Barely Legal that's a good plan

Taigan: Janeane's nervous breakdown is going to be AWESOME. Also, Spewing Out Factor is the name of my new band.

  • billiejeanismylover: What in the pinstriped poise undergarment hell is Anna creating?
  • Spirit Fingers: I can just imagine Anthony as the Snuggle bear flailing in warm towels.
  • unclevanya: Yes, this could indeed be the moment for ... what's his name again?
  • katekate is squared: I'm going to go ahead and say it: I have absolutely no desire to see this version of Alice in Wonderland, and in fact, I am annoyed that it even exists. I am tired of Tim Burton. I am tired of Helena Bonham Carter. And I am getting tired of Johnny Depp.
  • sweet_communist: Have you heard of this place, BLUEFLY.COM? BLUEFLY.COM has all the shoes and accessories you need to complete your look! BLUEFLY.COM is economical! BLUEFLY.COM is a fine substitute for a mother's love. BLUEFLY.COM will never lock you in your room while hosting a sleazy dinner party for her latest boyfriend. BLUEFLY.COM will tuck you in at night and never judge your sexuality. BLUEFLY.COM is now and forever. BLUEFLY.COM.
  • pabs: Mila's dress. So boobalicious. Heidi will love it. Boobies clap clap clap.
  • Old Ocho: Wait, wait, back up. There's a model named Brandeis in this competition? This is way too important to have gone unnoticed for so long.
  • billiejeanismylover: @Old Ocho: Because her mom had to drop out of Brandeis during her freshman year when she got knocked up by that dude. Her middle name is "stolen youth."
  • tipsy_hausfrau: The satin diaper-romper is like Charlie's Angels meets Wonder Woman.
  • Unclevanya: Dewey made a Lost in Space uniform!
  • Taigan: Why does Jesse look like a Newsie?
  • missing_piece: @Taigan: Because he's going to play one at an amusement park somewhere.
  • robina: Heidi is not sweet. She is a dominatrix. That is why Seal likes her.
  • dippitydoo: @robina: Hence his scarring.
  • missing_piece: Why does Mila like to make things that look like bowling ball bags?
  • Old Ocho: Last week it was stars, this week it's diamonds. Does Mila get her inspiration from Lucky Charms?
  • sweet_communist: "It makes me feel glad spring's here, as opposed to how I usually feel, which is that every second is a step further along the inexorable march to death and anonymity."
  • tipsy_hausfrau: Just ... cut her hair off. There you go. Better! We've never done this before!
  • unclevanya: And Mila drags her scorched ass to safety.
  • manchops: Mila's in? For hospital food colored crotch arrows? Really?
  • Old Ocho: There'll be extra grits in Birmingham tonight!