Wall Street 2 is finally upon us—and this time: it's fiscally responsible. It looks be an art imitating life extravaganza, with Michael Douglas giving some more inspired speeches, and LeBeouef trying to marry Gekko's daughter. And Josh Brolin!

Gordon Gekko—out of jail for insider trading, must deal with Shia LeBeouf trying to wed his estranged daughter. And just from watching the trailer, this simple story of star-crossed love spirals out of control into a fast-paced Wall Street extravaganza. However, all sins are covered in this confusing trailer by The Rolling Stones. Because "Sympathy for the Devil" is ketchup for movie trailers. Put ketchup on a poorly prepared dish, or Sympathy for the Devil on an otherwise unremarkable trailer, and voila! Both are palatable.

That being said, I will watch the shit out of this movie.