Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty gave a rip-roaring speech at CPAC, saying we need to "smash the window out of Big Government" with a 9-iron. Has Big Government been cheating on us...? Or CPAC wants some of that Tiger Woods SEO?

Pawlenty was elected governor of Minnesota as an impossibly boring, milquetoast moderate Republican. (He also failed to break 50% in either election, thanks to the zombie third party that rose from the ashes of the Jesse Ventura era.) His tenure has been unimpressive—his poll numbers plummeted as Minnesota's economy tanked—but now he's tacking hard right and running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012. (Or, more likely, he's running to be Mitt's VP pick, as he was almost McCain's.) The single solitary interesting thing about him is that he went to school with Husker Du drummer Grant Hart.