Tracy Morgan found a way to toe the line between being funny, and being bat-poop insane. He'll give a perfectly timed zinger, then will promptly ramble-off incoherently. This week, he was everywhere promoting Cop Out, and he wore his crazypants.

  • On Letterman, his appearance was highlighted by his love affair with Oprah, but for the rest of the interview he was all over the place, at one point accusing Paul Shaeffer of being a gangbanger.
  • On Tavis Smiley, he busted out in rhyme along with some Notorious B.I.G. bon mots.
  • On Ellen, where he behaved himself the most, he discussed plans for his new book, "Sex and Medical Equipment."
  • And finally, on Jimmy Kimmel, LIVE!, he completely lost it, making Jimmy beg for a translator, because he had no idea what the hell Morgan was talking about.