FX's animated spy parody continues its run becoming raunchier and raunchier. Cartoon fetishism hasn't been this overt since Fritz the Cat. Last week Archer showcased tits and ass. This week? Oh my God he's... he's choking her? [NSFW]

Archer's genius, as shocking as it might be, comes in the form of in-show desensitization. Last week, Mike pointed out the egregious use of animated tits and ass, and there was some three way action going on off-screen. This week, tits and ass were in full force... but that's just how it started.

The viewer is less shocked by the detailed sexuality offered up this go round. The slippery slope of sexual scenarios was moved forward as a result.

It's graphic, but it's metaphorical too. It takes animation to point the finger of satire in order for shock to settle in as absurdity rather than disgust. It's not Archer we should be worried about, it's what's being caricatured. The nice thing about television is, its major points usually come with an undertone: Why worry when you can laugh about it?