As of September 1, when combat troops begin leaving Iraq, the war will be officially renamed from "Operation Iraqi Freedom" to "Operation New Dawn."

"Operation New Dawn" is a pretty terrible name, as it suggests both that the war has new stain-fighting ability and is also a perhaps a '70s singer-songwriter's airy album about his new life as a simple family man. But no one will miss the awful old name, which equated death and occupation with "Freedom."

Still, some people have complaints! Arianna Huffington, for instance, thinks the mission should be renamed "A Huge, Tragic Mistake," which would certainly be a change of pace for Central Command. (How about "A Supposedly Just War That We'll Never Do Again," if we're going for brutal honestly?)

(It is also the job of ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper to keep us informed on how the Crazy Liberals are Being Crazy, because aren't they a big pain in the ass?)