Stuart Emmrich is now overseeing the Thursday and Sunday Styles sections at the Times. Who is overseeing his wardrobe, which obviously doesn't include any V-neck undershirts? Probably not his fuddy-duddy predecessor Trip Gabriel. Someone needs a makeover!

Gabriel (right), who was certainly not the fashion icon that the Styles needed, is returning to being an education reporter, which is a natural transition after talking about mascara and fancy frocks for the past 12 years. Emmrich, who was the paper's travel editor, is transition to his new job looking a bit more Joe the Plumber than Hamish Bowles. Maybe this is like a Jose Eber thing, because he had horrible hair but could give a good cut. Maybe Emmrich in his bland blue button-down and visible Hanes tagless-T undershirt can dress you up nice? Guess we'll have to wait and see!