A McG directed, Takashi Murakami commissioned music video for "Turning Japanese", starring Kirsten Dunst in a blue wig. Dunst does Spider-Man 3, McG directs Terminator: Salvation, they both disappear from the public eye... and re-emerge with this? The Murakami Curse!

Seriously, why in the hell did something like this get made. Dunst is either desperate for roles, or Marie Antoinette 2: Guillotined Boogaloo was put on the back burner and she needed to do something to stave off ennui for a couple weeks. It's just a wonder that you can get three (seemingly) accomplished professionals in the field of art, acting, and film-making to collaborate with one another only to come up with something completely pointless and forgettable. Hopefully the three of them come out of this project unscathed, with their careers intact.