Tonight, the Flying Tomato landed in Stephen Colbert's cozy Vancouver studio, as Shaun White stopped by for a post-gold medal victory lap interview. White discussed the American snowboarding team's outfits with Colbert, but not before poking fun at figure skaters.

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After Colbert asked White why snowboarders don't cry after finishing their routines—as figure skaters are prone to do, apparently—he surmised that the emotion displayed by his bladed colleagues is a result of embarrassment of the ridiculous outfits they're known to don on competition nights.

Colbert and White then had a bit of fun discussing the snowboarding team's apparel, and the host made a few suggestions for designs of the future.

For what NBC is lacking in its handling—and coverage—of the XXI Winter Games in Vancouver, Colbert is making up for with his continuous—and consistently hilarious—Canadian shenanigans. Godspeed, good sir.

And, just because...

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