The prickly editor of Vogue likes to start her meetings early, and kneecap you if you show up on time. So says Anna Wintour documentarian R.J. Cutler in his Huffington Post diary about filming The September Issue:

At Vogue... meetings are long if they go more than seven minutes and everyone knows to show up on time, prepared and ready to dive in. In Anna's world, meetings often start a few minutes before they're scheduled. If you arrive five minutes late, chances are you'll have missed it entirely... It's not by accident that during the final scene... Wintour is in her office alone, waiting for a meeting to begin, and we hear her voice call out, "Is anyone coming to this run-through except for me?"

In addition to the time savings, this also denies assembled staff a spare moment in which to bitch about their lost Town Cars and personal assistants. (Via Daily Intel)