Last night's 16 and Pregnant was called "Nikkole"—because it was about Nikkole's pregnancy. Except it wasn't. It was about her boyfriend Josh. The worst baby-daddy this—or any—teen pregnancy show has ever seen. He was a monster.

To get a little background of this living nightmare, Nikkole was a spoiled brat who thought she was destined to have her own episode of My Super Sweet 16. And she was so close! But all that sex without condoms quashed those plans real quick. And now she has this living thing growing inside of her, to which Josh's immediate reaction was to dump her to go have unprotected sex with some other unfortunate girl who wasn't pregnant (but probably will be soon).

That's just the tip of the iceberg with this Josh fellow. Just how bad was he? Let's examine—with video evidence of course—how much of a miserable person this child is.

He's a Terrible Boyfriend

He not only threatened to leave Nikkole if she didn't get an abortion—he left Nikkole after she didn't get an abortion. That sounds like a father who will be there for his partner and his child through thick and thin! Of course, like all poisonous relationships, he comes crawling back after he's done cheating on her. And like a lot of women in poisonous relationships, Nikkole takes this emotional abuse in stride, saying she loves him. Nikkole is hopelessly addicted to Josh treating her like shit, and Josh is addicted to obliging her. It makes you want to reach through the TV and smack some sense into this misguided girl, but that technology is at least 10 years away.

And it doesn't even stop with treating Nikkole like an abused dog, it spills over into calling her friends bitches and telling them to shut-up for next to no reason. What a pleasant fellow!

The icing on the cake is when a very pregnant Nikkole goes to Homecoming but leaves early because she wants to hang out with Josh. Why wasn't Josh at the dance, you say? Nothing major, just the fact that he was expelled, probably for torturing animals while spitting in his teacher's face and giving some kid a wedgie. We call it the triple-douchefecta. So she leaves the dance to meet up with Josh, and lo-and-behold, he is nowhere to be found.

So Nikkole goes home by herself to very sweetly, and very sadly, play Rock Band with her brother.

But we still haven't completely explored the depths of Josh's sociopathic tendencies.

He's Even Worse With Adults

Nikkole is in labor for a loooong time. And in the room is, Nikkole's mother, Josh's mother, Nikkole, and Josh. And not to sound like a crotchety "adult", but the inappropriate behavior exhibited by Josh while Nikkole was giving birth was literally jaw-dropping. Slapping away Nikkole's hand, talking back to his mother, yelling at Nikkole's mother, and basically making the pregnancy about him. It really goes beyond words. This video is baffling.

He Will Be a Terrible Father

Let's hope Josh gets out of this child's life, because if he stays in it and is influential in any manner, this baby will grow up to be a criminal.

Remember Ryan, Maci's boyfriend on Teen Mom? The laziest, apathetic boyfriend who simply wasn't there emotionally for his girlfriend or his child. After seeing what transpired last night, Ryan should win Man of the Year by comparison. Man of the Century.

What's even the next step for someone like Josh? We see the road for a single mother with a well-to-do family (Farrah), but where is Josh headed? Drugs? Jail? Monastery? Blogger? Wherever his path takes him, hopefully it is one free of responsibility and authority figures (probably blogger).

Fathers, don't let your daughters grow up to date Joshes.