Today at Gawker.TV, 20 celebrities before they were famous, Lost's issues with alcoholism, we may have found the worst boyfriend in the world, the Ocotomom is an awkward loud-laugher, and when you should actually pull the emergency brake.

The Octomom Exposes herself on The View: Nervous, Neurotic, and an Inappropriate-Laugher
Nadya Suleman, aka The Octomom, came on to talk about her hectic life and litter of 14. Not sure who to talk to first, she just laughs maniacally, ignores Barbara Walters and general proves that she's batty as all hell.

A First look at Fame: 20 Kids Who Grew Up to Be Important
A note to aspiring actors; if you're not working by the time you've hit puberty then like your youth, chances at fame are slowly fading away. These 20 celebrity veterans knew they'd make it long before you did.

Meet The Boyfriend From Hell On 16 and Pregnant
Last night's 16 and Pregnant was called "Nikkole"—because it was about Nikkole's pregnancy. Except it wasn't. It was about her boyfriend Josh. The worst baby-daddy this—or any—teen pregnancy show has ever seen. He was a monster.

Lost's Shephard Siblings Can't Behave Themselves
Here's a LOST theory for you: If Jack and Claire don't have their recommended dosage of alcohol PEOPLE DIE! There is a lot of pent up anger going on, and island rehab doesn't seem to be working.

When is it Appropriate to Pull the Subway's Mystical Emergency Brake?
If you've ever been on the New York City subway, you've probably read the emergency exit instructions asked yourself the same question: "Well, when is it okay to pull the Emergency Brake?! This video investigates.