The Way We Live Now: Stealing from the poor. To support the rich, naturally! The other thing we're doing is stealing from the rich, to support the crooks. Egalitarianism in action!

Who is to blame for all of our money that someone has wasted on someone? The old people. Grandpa! The government is overpaying him! With our tax dollars! We tax younger, poorer people (you) to pay for a comfortable retirement for older, wealthier people (your greasy grandma). Welcome to Russia.

That's just a literary device because surprisingly this is still America. But is it the America our Founding Fathers would have been proud, of? An America in which we must raise the tuition at Yale because even Yale, of all places, does not have enough money (wtf)? An America in which our proudest national Confederate homeland, Northern Virginia, must "primp" like a common whore in hopes of pleasing Northrup Grumman executives and their dirty bomb dollars which are, by all rights, ours—the violent Americans? An America in which a rich guy can pay $195,000 rent a summer home in the Hamptons for six measly weeks only to find that the patio stones were "cracked and loose" and "the spa was not in working condition?"

An America in which Greece is totally on strike?

We think not (that the Founding Fathers would be happy about all the things we just mentioned above). And that, fellow Americans, is the real tragedy.

And that there's not enough money. Is also a tragedy.

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