Conan O'Brien and his beard joined Twitter; Wired staff talked about the death of the mouse; and Roger Ebert released his inner fanboy. The Twitterati were reborn.

Conan O'Brien joined Twitter, complete with a monkey, a beard and a "Verified" Twitter badge. Funny, we always assumed Joaquin Phoenix would be first with that trifecta.

After reading this dispatch from Erin Biba, we'd guess that a good quarter of all disputes at Wired end with some variation of "this whole fight is going to be obsolete soon anyway."

Roger Ebert issed a compliment to fellow cancer survivor Steve Jobs.

New Yorker staff writer Tad Friend discovered that Cafe Psychobabble contained neither Psycho, Nor Babble. He discussed.

VentureBeat's Anthony Ha immediately identified the most salacious and scandalous detail of a speech by Kara Swisher of All Things D.

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