Today at Gawker.TV, Tracy Morgan tells Jon Stewart about his hair and sex practices, Dakota Fanning talks about her teeth, a Real World cast-mate tosses his roommate off a balcony, and a tribute to Ina Garten.

An Ode to Ina: Barefoot Contessa in Three Acts
Do you know Ina Garten? If not, you should, and the following videos will prove why. Garten hosts Barefoot Contessa, the wildly popular, wildly insane Food Network program, and she's not afraid to let her quirks shine. Inside, a tribute.

Tracy Morgan Tells The Daily Show He Has Great Hair, Does Not Pull Out
Jon Stewart and Tracy Morgan talk about Tracy's hair care routine. A style regiment that, given half a chance, will take you behind a middle school and get you pregnant.

Drunken Violence on The Real World: Ty Rolls Andrew off a Balcony
If you're not into violence—particularly in the form of drunken bodies of Real World cast-mates falling onto concrete after being tossed off a balcony—you may want to skip this clip. To the brave—onward!

Dental Discussions with Dakota Fanning
The perks of child stardom (money, berserk fans, adulthood irrelevance) comes with the price of living out awkward stages in public. Dakota Fanning's growing pains were her ugly teeth, the only thing anyone ever wanted to talk about with her.

French Skiier Takes a Flagpole to the Nuts
It's one thing to get racked in the berries flying down a hill at 70 MPH, it's quite another for the announcer to add insult to injury with some hilarious commentary. Ohhh monsieuuuuuuur!