If Eric Schmidt is so secretive he shut down his ex-mistress's blog, why is the Google CEO letting another lady friend e-shadow him so closely? Marcy Simon's Twitter is a Schmidt-stalker's best friend — and we hear that's no accident.

Simon and Schmidt were together before the married CEO took up with Kate Bohner, and the rumor mill has been churning fast lately with talk of a reunion. The two were spotted together at a store opening in Los Angeles this winter; getting on a private jet in September; and hanging around Fire Island and Aspen this past summer.

Simon, a Burson-Marsteller flack and former Google consultant, hasn't traditionally been shy about tweeting her whereabouts, even when purportedly with Schmidt. She's even been so obvious as to follow Schmidt's tweets from not only her main Twitter account but by making him one of only five people followed by her secondary @momnet account.

Now Simon seems to be on something of a roll. Here's her copying both Schmidt and Wired's Steven Levy on a link, fully two weeks before Levy published a lengthy feature story about Google. How did Simon know Levy was spending time in Schmidt's company, or at least with it? Her work at Burson is focused on Google's arch nemesis Microsoft, after all.

Simon was at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress when Schmidt was at the Barcelona World Congress:

Schmidt was Davos, and not only was Simon at Davos, but hey look what bar the Schmidt "ex" girlfriend chose to tweet from:

Simon, a stated resident of New York whose boss is in Washington DC and who often turns up in Los Angeles, is also interested in the minutiae of city planning in Mountain View, California, where Google's HQ is located. She's just curious like that!

None of this is coincidental, according to a source familiar with the pair who has helped keep us abreast of their movements the past several months. The pair both stayed at the Four Seasons during this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year and were in New York this week, this person said, adding: "They are very much together and she basks in the glory of the attention."

If Bohner's rough experience is anything to go by, Simon had better not bask too openly.

(Pic: Schmidt by AP; Simon by Dave McClure)