Sometimes the Comment of the Day is a Good One. Sometimes it's a Smart One. Other times, like today, it's just a Slightly Odd But Entertaining One. (In the Venn diagram of CotDs, this one also hits Crystal One.)

Well, OK, it's also a Funny One. But most importantly: It's about crystals. Crystals that go on your noony. From AndPreciousLittleOfThat:

This is not about vaginas so much as it is about the constantly widening and lowering of the standards of the manufacturers of Swarovski crystals.

Time used to be, that name STOOD for something. Only really expensive and fancy stuff got covered in Swarovski crystals, because that shit was CLASSY.

Now you can buy them by the pound and decorate your cell phone or your car or, in this case, your equator.

For shame, Swarovski. For shame.

Shame on all of you.