There's one big problem with the Olympics: nothing else is on television! So, until everyone gets back to ignoring Canada, take a look at how Jimmy Kimmel improves on the only things you're watching on TV right now.

1) American Idol

You may think American Idol has everything-live broadcasts, homoerotic banter, Randy Jackson-but Kimmel shows us that there's just one thing the producers of the country's favorite program just plain forgot to include that would make it a million times better: the element of surprise! Then again, if this guy's cluelessness is any indication, maybe not.

2) The Winter Olympics

The only thing better than skiing rivalries is skiing rivalries involving sassy blue collar workers and loads of cursing.

3) Health Care Coverage on C-Span

Though we think that nothing short of partial nudity could make coverage of the fight over health care reform any better, Kimmel figured that giving us a look at what the world might seem like through Evan Bayh's eyes might make us tune in.

Well... it's a start.