Do Female Figure Skaters' Boobs Get Sore?S

Do Female Figure Skaters' Boobs Get Sore?

Olympic women spun, leaped, and flying cameled their way to the figure skating podium last night, but with all those plunging backs and necklines (not to mention visible nipples) all I could think was, Where does the bra go?

Not to be a total perv, but look at these costumes. Illusion netting may cover a multitude of sins, but I'm pretty sure these ladies are not wearing bras. If there's some sort of slipped-down-the-front floating-cup situation going on, rest assured it is not of the heavy duty sports bra variety that even a casual jogger would be a fool to go without.

Do Female Figure Skaters' Boobs Get Sore?S

After all that jumping and contorting at high speeds, shouldn't their boobs be sore?

  • Point: Braless running down stairs is enough to make a mortal woman cringe. This is clearly more rigorous.
  • Counterpoint: They regularly crash into hard surfaces at 30mph. They can probably handle a little pain.
  • Point: Did you see Mao Asada's triple axel?
  • Counterpoint: They're only on the ice for four minutes at a time.
  • Point: With all those cut-outs, there isn't even room for built-in reinforcement.
  • Counterpoint: Those bodies aren't exactly the type that gets floppy.
  • Counterpoint: Centripetal force is on their side during spins.
  • Point: Oh no. Why is Miki Ando's top pointing at her nipples like that?

  • Do Female Figure Skaters' Boobs Get Sore?S
  • Counterpoint: It's the Olympics, so suck it up. Besides, did you see Cynthia Phaneuf's earrings? She's probably too busy worrying about tearing an earlobe to give her breasts a second thought.
Do Female Figure Skaters' Boobs Get Sore?S