We are just now learning how close the nation came to an abortion disaster in 2002, when Planned Parenthood terrorists plotted against the Salt Lake City Olympics. Thankfully, the Pentagon and FBI were collecting intelligence on the pro-choice threat.

According to newly released documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation under the Freedom of Information Act, the Pentagon's Joint Forces Command and the FBI collected intelligence on Planned Parenthood as part of their preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. It's unclear from the records precisely what that entailed, but we can all sleep a little easier knowing that people who advocate for reproductive autonomy are never far from the watchful eye of our benevolent security state.

Also, what better way to protect abortion providers from the hundreds of people who are trying to murder them every day—and often succeeding—than to monitor their movements constantly? Everybody wins.

Photo: Planned Parenthood of New Jersey