With the games winding down, Canada is set to go back to being just that place of pleasant northernness, unassuming and passive. Or so we thought. Turns out there are crazy Canadians patriots, and one of them decided to comment!

A newly-approved member of our ranks named gregph left us a love note in our turgid study of Vancouver's Olympic Curse:

Do you and your readers want to find fault with anything or everything just to make news? This city has been alive, people have been happy and enjoying life, and the Olympics frankly have gone off without a hitch here - there have been yes a tragedy, and OMG some of your athletes have either crashed, or not reached medals, no we haven't owned the podium, but we've had the best showing ever in our hosted Olympic experience, and at this point we are tied with the USA in golds (and we have 1/10 of your population - which means that you should have 80 gold medals and not just 8 - what does that say about the US olympic team??). We've hosted the world proudly, and we are not perfect, but we are damn proud of who and what we are. Perhaps the "malfunction" at the opening ceremonies were in tribute to the fallen Georgian athlete, did you think of that - maybe someone or something was telling us to pause and think.
Of course Canada isn't perfect, Vancouver isn't, nor are the Olympics, but for the last two weeks, the Olympics have captured the hopes the dreams and the lives of many of us in the world - and we have enjoyed it.
Try to do better London, Sochi, just try, and if you have the occasional mix up or error, just be ware, the world press, and those who want to find fault will - and that will sell papers, make news and make those who are pesimistic happy - and those are the people in the world that I and other proud Canadian's pity.

Shine on, you beautiful maple leaf.

But really, most Canadians are perfectly sane people.