While surprises are scarce on NBC tonight—as many of the Olympic events it's covering took place hours ago—the network did throw one curve ball: a new, 60-second, curling-themed promo for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Video inside.

"When you grow up near Boston like I did, you grow up on ice rinks—it's in your blood," Leno says as the facetiously dramatic commercial—which aired at 8:25 PM ET on NBC—begins. Leno then says, "So there's really only ever been one sport for me, and I'm obviously talking about curling."

At that point, the promo switches gears from facetiously dramatic to try-hard and unfunny—save for one chuckle-worthy moment involving a rogue curling stone and its unintended target—as Leno continues to opine on his love for the sport (which is paired with cutaways to an ice rink where he attempts, but fails, to master it).

The real hook, though, comes at the end. Leno says, "I love curling... almost as much as my other passion," before a close-up shot of one curling stone knocking a stationary one out of the way—and revealing, underneath, the following:

Leno returns to The Tonight Show on Monday. Meanwhile, Conan O'Brien connected all of the freckles on his arm with a sharpie today.