Anyone in New York politics who's ever felt like taking a rhetorical piss on David Paterson for their pleasure (and constituents' collective bloodthirst) is seizing the day and whipping it out. For example, enlightened charmer Ruben Diaz went to town!

Via Gawker's J-School Embed, Hunter Walker, well....this:

"While Governor Paterson was criticizing Hiram, he was protecting and covering for his staff, and I think this is hypocritical."

For the record, that's Hiram, as in,
Hiram Monserrate, as in
the former New York state senator who
hates homosexuals and
slashed a woman's face and got away with it.

On one hand, sure. Paterson ran interference for a guy who beat a woman up and then used his influence to scare her off until she gained the courage to talk to the New York Times, and in the mean time, went after Monsterrate, who is a face-slasher.

On the other hand,
Hiram Monseratte slashed a woman's face.

It's down Domestic Abuse Ave, and making a right into Psychopath Circle. Why defend this person?

Because Reuben Diaz Sr. is a piece of shit. Such a piece of shit, even his own kids put space between themselves and him. For example, his burgeoning politico son thinks his dad's views on gay marriage are, um, a little insane. Diaz Jr. distanced himself from Dad on the record, once.

Well, obviously the Senator has his beliefs as a Reverend and I don't tell him - 'Papi' - how to vote in Albany and if he doesn't... We have an agreement: He doesn't tell me how to be borough president, I don't tell him how to vote in Albany. Eh, I am not in agreement with him comparing gays with animals, obviously; and I always tell my father that it's not necessarily the positions he has, but that when he takes it - when he takes a position - that he should do it in a way that is respectful of other communities...

Yes, you read that correctly: Diaz Sr. once compared homosexuals to animals. And not even the cute kind who live in HK and brunch at Cafeteria, ha...ha? Or the kind that his own brothers and grandchild are!

So, next time you go to the voting booths, New Yorkers, remember the Ruben Diaz platform.

Faceslashing: cool,
The Gays: not cool.

The lesson here is that if you are in New York politics, you are the scum of the earth, and if you're not, you're the exception to the rule. Pareene was right. Just vote for Billy Talen and leave.