Time for my first cigarette! Please rock the following jam on repeat until we return in like, ten minutes, which really is probably 30 minutes for you. 2009 had some pretty great #chairdancing songs. This is 2010's first great one.

For the record, #ChairDancing is what happens when you hear a song when you're seated at, say, your office, or in a coffee shop, or somewhere other than your home—though really, it can be your home, too, if you're the kind of person who only dances at home while seated, which, like, why?—and you start to move like an infant who has just learned about that greatness that is human mobility while wrapped very tightly in a cozy blanket.

And #ChairDancing is basically impossible to resist when you listen to this song. For all of you music people who are like OH MY GOD I HEARD THAT SONG FOUR WEEKS AGO WHEN IT FIRST DEBUTED ON PITCHFORK, please go away, because I'm not talking to you, and I know it's four weeks old. But I feel like dancing today, so it goes on the site today. This is how things work this weekend.

ANYWAY. Janelle Monáe is a terribly underrated Grammy-nominated singer who was basically taken under the wing of Grammy-winning rap group Outkast, who kinda stopped rapping after they started winning Grammys, or at least Andre "3000" Benjamin did. She quickly moved from being pigeonholed and categorized as an "R&B Singer" (though there's nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that it's just kind of a limiting label...like all labels) to an "R&B Singer White People Who Aren't Music Critics Listen To," by which I mean "hipsters." Kind of like Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles, who's also awesome. Fact: both Solange Knowles and Janelle Monáe have performed with Of Montreal. Who are also awesome. ANYWAY.

Monáe has only gotten better since her Grammy nomination, probably won't stop doing her thing when she wins one, and most notably, got Big Boi—the (also) terribly underrated half of Outkast who, as far as I hope, had nothing to do with "Hey Ya!" and still needs to convince Andre 3000 to go back to being "Andre Benjamin," stop it with the hocus pocus metafunk shit, and record another ATLiens—to put down a really, really great verse. The song is from her upcoming album The Arch Android which a concept album that's part of a storyline she's created about an android community. If you have yet to be convinced of Ms. Monáe's talent—which you probably aren't, and shouldn't be, because all I did there was just kind of talk—then jam on this:

You can buy it here. Do it.