Well, that's it. The XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver are officially over, and they went out with an eclectic/eccentric bang, courtesy the closing ceremony. Inside, video and screengrabs of the ceremony's newsworthy moments, along with your open thread discussion!

8:45 PM ET:

The closing ceremonies for the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver kicked off moments ago with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the rod that wouldn't rise two weeks earlier. Canadians have a sense of humor! Inside, video and your open thread.

Please feel free to discuss all of the action in the comments with your fellow viewers. And, if you missed it earlier, click here to see our wrap-up of the more unfortunate moments of the games (try to have a sense of humor about it).

Have fun!

8:55 PM ET:

Noelle Barahona carries the Chilean flag as part of the closing ceremonies. Her country was rocked yesterday morning by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

8:58 PM ET:

Evan Lysacek! He doesn't look as orange as usual... perhaps Snooki can quickly fly out and assist?

And the Canadian delegation!

9:25 PM ET:

John Goodman sure can sing...

9:40 PM ET:

Today, in How Many Times Can Bob Costas Say "Greek" in 25 Seconds?

This is weird. And kind of scary, too, for some reason.

What is going on? And what are those squishy ball things? And what does that have to do with Russia? And what does Russia have to do with Canada (besides the fact that Sarah Palin can see both from her house)? So many questions.

9:45 PM ET:

As if this part wasn't weird enough, some crew member decided to walk into the frame.

Hey, look! It's Evgeni Plushenko, the men's figure skating ~*~PLATINUM~*~ medal winner!

9:50 PM ET:

Today, in This is Why We Are Afraid of Vladmir Putin

9:55 PM ET:

Why does he sound like he just took a bottle of Xanax? And why do they boo after he announces that the games are closing? Were they not expecting this, or something? *Shaking Mah Head*

10:00 PM ET:

Neil Young gets to play Conan's final Tonight Show, and now he's closing the Olympics? Hot commodity, indeed.

10:05 PM ET:

Somebody's excited.

10:10 PM ET:

Shatner! (Video soon.)

And Catherine O'Hara! (Video of her weird introduction coming soon.)

10:15 PM ET:

Michael J. Fox in da houuuse.

10:20 PM ET:

I thought this Mountie might have been Stephen Colbert. It wasn't. But who the HELL was it?

OMG, Michael Bublé!

10:25 PM ET:




10:30 PM ET:

Here's Shatner's spiel, which Bob Costas described as "non-IOC approved."

Here's Catherine O'Hara's... interesting, curling-themed introduction.

And here's how the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver came to an end—abruptly! Poor Costas didn't even get to say goodbye before it cut to a Leno promo. :(