In case you aren't one of our 1,642 Twitter followers, 534 Tumblr followers or 343 Facebook fans (Don't you feel left out, now?) here's a rundown of what you missed this week.

Last week, we saw some steady growth and mild viral successes. But there's always room for improvement. Enter the weekly Social Media Update! Each week we'll be tracking just how much more popular we get until hopefully everyone knows our name, where to go to talk about tv all night, watch clips just moments after they've been broadcast, and discover lost gems of pop culture and video.

Through our Twitter, we're about linkage to our best and most entertaining Gawker.TV posts, whether their original content, show recaps, or general madness. On our Tumblr we bring an eclectic mix of memes and videos that reflect our spirit. And on our Facebook page, we keep our fans informed about our most important posts through an RSS feed on our wall.

Here's some highlights from the week:

This Grunge Era figure skating routine found a place in the tumbled hearts of our followers.

And it's not surprising a .GIF of topless Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell went into the world as it did. Joyous and triumphant.

So, what if you're already following those sites? What else can you possibly do?

  • Comment. Comment well, and comment often. Trepidatious readers should refer to our handy guide to commenting on GawkerTV posts. Which, if followed, is sure to garner you a coveted spot on Kristina Lucarelli's comment round-up.
  • Join the #tvparty! It's a 24/7 spot to sound off on whatever you're watching on TV at home, in the office, or even on our site. Find like-minded commenters and collectively rip your least favorite TV personality a new one, or start a cult following for a certain ginger-headed late night comedian. Or whatever! Either way, be there. Here's how.