Tonight marks the return of regular, sans-Olympics television programming and we are ready to talk about it!

If you're a Gawker.TV regular, then you've probably seen our recurring post about how to join the #tvparty. And if you're new to Gawker.TV, welcome! And don't forget to check out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Commenting on Gawker.TV. You will be all set and commenting away before you know it.

But with so many shows on each night, how can anyone keep track of the comments in #tvparty? We know it's hard to find those few people talking about how irritating The Bachelor is, or how Erin & Andy are so much better than Pam & Jim on The Office. They kind of get jumbled together, right? At least that's what we found while reading your commentary.

That's why, starting tonight, I, and other members of the Gawker.TV family will be in the #tvparty leading the discussion for your favorite shows. I was all set to join you guys, but my brother got us last minute tickets to In The Heights starring Corbin Bleu...yes, that Corbin Bleu...and who am I to pass up an awesomely bad Broadway performance of Troy Bolton's afro-licious right hand man? But don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow night.

So in light of my absence, check out what's on tonight, pick your show, head on into the #tvparty and go nuts!